QUICO Hair Washing Machine


QUICO Hair Washing Machine is designed specially for reducing the time and burden performing hair washing or body cleaning without getting wet. It is good helper to the caregivers who need to take care of the elderly or disabled.

It's lightweight and compatible, no extra tools or vacuum cleaners are needed when use.

The whole process of hair washing or body cleaning is simple. It enables washing hair outside the bathroom without getting wet. The users can sit on a chair or even lay down on the bed for a thorough cleaning.

If you have any enquiries about Hair Washing Machine, please feel free to contact us for help.

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Product Features:
* No Water dripping during use (people can lie down when using)
* "Negative Pressure Technology", hygienic and reliable
* Not only for hair washing, but body washing as well
* Safe to use (8 protection devices)
* IECEE CB Certified
* Easy to operate (trained elderly people can use it independently
* Easy to store (lightweight, small)
* Hose: 2M length (when stretched)

Mechanism of Cleaning:
To start, just press the button on the showerhead to start the cleaning process.
The middle part of the showerhead flows out clean water to massage the scalp and hair, while the small holes around suck the dirty water back instantly to avoid splashes through the "negative pressure technology". Worry no more about the water drips or foams flowing into the eyes and causing discomfort.

Product Data
Product Name: QUICO Hair Washing Machine
Item No: HA101
Color Available: White
Product Weight: 6 kg
Product Size: 45*23*22cm (L*W*H)
Package Size: 51.5*35.5*44cm (L*W*H)
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power:800W
Water Tank Capacity: Clear Water Zone (max 2L)
Rated Current: 3.5A
Water Pressure: 10PSI
Vacuum Suction: 13kPa
Warranty: 1 year

Parts Included:
Long hair massage head, short hair massage head, power cord, waterproof scarf

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