1. Is Quico Brew The Breathing Infuser safe to use

Quico Brew The Breathing Infuser has passed and complies with the testing of international professional certification. Environmentally friendly materials are used to ensure users’ safety. Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 for materials in contact with foodstuffs. U.S. FDA 21 CFR.

report number: (9320)232-0859 & (9320)232-0863.

2. Can I add instant powder/tap water/hot water into The Breathing Infuser

The suggested water temperature for the infuser is 4-85, yet it is NOT intended for any instant powdered drink as ingredients. It is not recommended to use liquids other than drinking water for brewing

3. Can I use the dishwasher for cleaning accessories

All the accessories are dishwasher-safe except the Control Unit.

Wipe the Control Unit with clean cloth.

4. How to adjust water and strength for various drinks?

You can adjust the water to your personal taste, just be sure not to exceed the designated water line in the Drinking Cup. You can adjust 2/4/8 strength through the Control Unit.

You can opt for 2 brewing cycles for a stronger taste.

5. Can I put The Breathing Infuser straight into the bag

The Infuser comes with a simple and leak-proof design.

If there is food in the cup, it can only be placed upright.

6. How long does it take to charge The Breathing Infuser

The Infuser does not have a charging function.

Customer Service

The product will receive a 1 year full warranty provided by Quico.
For details, please refer to terms and conditions.
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