One Year Warranty Policy

Joint Star Inc. Ltd is the supplier of HK Brand, QUICO, we provide the warranty and after sales services for its electrical appliances purchased via the authorised resellers in Hong Kong and Macau.

Original sales receipt, relevant electronic receipt, or gift receipts from the list of authorised resellers must be produced at the time of requesting warranty service. The one year warranty counts from the delivery date or receipt date indicated on the receipts.

We shall refuse the local warranty service for products purchased from areas outside Hong Kong and Macau. And we are not obliged to repair or replace any product which is not accompanied by a valid proof of purchase or product registration on warranty.

The warranty covers all costs related to restoring the proven defective product so that it conforms to its original specifications, through repairing or replacement of defective parts.

Warranty is void if the product is damaged under the below circumstances, and please contact our customer service representatives for quotation of repairing:

Users are expected to read the product manuals thoroughly before using the product. Any product damage caused by failure to follow product instructions shall be considered as product misuse.

Damages caused by misuse or negligence.

Damages due to force majeure like earthquake, thunder, flood, war.

The product is used for commercial purposes or under abnormal household use situations.

The damage is caused by improper care, for example, not cleaned after use and this caused rusting.

Cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents and broken plastic, coloring or discolorations are considered normal worn out and not covered under warranty.


Warranty does not cover non-electrical products

If the product warranty is expired, customers may request for repair at costs to be quoted by our customer service representatives.

The consumable parts, such as batteries, are expected to be worn out after repeated use and thus not covered by warranty.


Warranty Service Procedures

If you have followed the instructions on the product manuals but still have problems in using the appliance, please contact our customer service representatives to book for service appointment via phone call or email.

Customer Service Hotline: +852 23048951

Our customer service representatives shall decide whether the product is indeed functioning properly. If servicing the product is required, they shall instruct customers to bring in the appliance for service.

Original sales receipt, relevant electronic receipt, or gift receipts from the list of authorised resellers must be presented.